Simms is a liar.....

In a Inside Boxing interview. I dont remember exactly what he said but he said something to the affect that Big john told him to go to his corner.Thats why he turned his back on Kyle.I just watched a replay of UFC 47 looked and sounded to me that Big John did not say that to him.In fact all I heard Big John say "20 seonds left","Simms where you going?".Thats when Kyle ran across and pounded him.

Big John told them both to go their corner. Be a *little* bit sure about what you are talking about before you start labeling fighters "liars".


If someone could find that interview by Inside boxing you'll see what I am talking about.

What ever protect the almighty Simms.He got his asskicked and now he's making up excuses.



Cabbage DID go toe to toe with Tank. Just because he used knees doesn't mean he's a liar. He punched, clinched and kneed. It never went to the ground.

Yeah Sims is a liar, imagine trying to say those teeth marks on his chest were caused by Kyle. Anyone could have bitten him during that fight, how he decided to blame Kyle is beyond me.

LOL @ alot of people that used to dis Wes have his back now and shit! Funny how shit works...

BJM told them to go to their corners and then didn`t turn around and make sure Sim`s was ready and let Kyle go ahead and attack him with his back halfway turned.That looked like a brain fart on BJM and Sim`s could have lasted the round and won the fight if he had done the standup right.

The reason I say Sim`s would have won is because if he would have made it to the end of the round and not got knocked out he would have shown the teeth marks to his corner and they would have notified BJM and Kyle would have been DQ`ed like he should have been. After the K.O. it was hard to rectify.

Another thing is Kyle said he had a mouthpiece in his mouth so he couldn`t have bit Sim`s . Well he is the liar because you see the teeth marks from his bottom teeth which as far I know have no mouthpiece on them. Then he called Sim`s a dirty bastard trying to shift the blame when he is the dirty bastard. That is what I going to call Kyle from now on too. The "Dirty Bastard" nickname fits him perfect

BJM clearly messed up whether or not he "told Sims" to go to his corner - he should have done what he does in every other fight, namely made the fighters turn and face each other then restart them. He's normally vehement about this.

Whether Sims would have won or not is unclear. I think he would have lost. One can make a good case for or agaist the claim he was bitten. There's a lot of data on either side of the argument and its been debated to death on here.

I have and will continue to support Big Wes!!...ernd is an idiot!

LMAO @ redneck!

"I can't believe this isn't being talked about more, I'm usually defending BJM but that was a serious fuck up that may have caused Wes the win due to a DQ for biting."

You'll be hearing more about it soon.

" You'll be hearing more about it soon."

Hmmm that is interesting.

"One can
make a good case for or agaist the claim he was bitten"

I agree with all of Harlan`s post except for that quote above. I don`t see how you can make a claim against him being bitten when it was obvious he was.

Hello gentlemen,

I cannnot believe because someone says something that it is taken as the truth or gospel. I never told Wes Simms to go back to his corner. This can be verified by listining to the tape of the fight since I am miked. The only thing Wes said to me during the fight was when I broke the fight to restart the fight. Wes was extremely tired and asked me several times how much time was left. I did not know so I looked up at the screen and saw that there was 21 seconds left. I told Wes you have 20 seconds. Wes decided to walk away on his own accord. I am sure he was trying to gain a little time due to the fact that he was fatigued. Wes knows that the fighters are not brought back to their corners to restart the fight, and at no time did I instruct Wes to go to his corner. He was told to fight and decided to walk away.

To all those that train and fight you'll know what I'm talking about if Kyle used a single guard mouthpiece.Then there is a possibility that kyle bit him.Kyle would have not got disqualified.He would of penalized.

TTT to Big John.I've has wondered how you would do in the Octagon.Were you ever offerd a contract to fight?

Wait till I train for your ass.

Where's all the Simms sniffers now?The man turned his back and got knocked the fuck out.Taking a fight at last minute,Massmma made a good point on another thread.As a fighter he should have his cardio ready year round.But I guess when your a circus clown that doesn't apply.