simms vs sylvia now on mmaweekly

simms is gettin verbally killed on the radio

tims callin him out to fight. said wes has a vagina. says he'll pay we to fight him...

wes wont take the fight so far. but they r throwing huge insults

Big Tim is verbally raping Sims something FIERCE...


Sims is speachless...



its on the radio show...

over now, but best radio eva

Hahaha oh man, that was harsh. He had no answers for Tim.


I am listening on the archive, Tim straight called him out. Some funny ass shit, Nice job Sylvia. Can't wait to see you return.

Can i get a recap on what he said?

Simms started it a while back.

This would matter if Sims was even a contender in ANY organization - but we all know he isn't, and won't be any time soon!

sims has talked a lot of trash on sylvia in the past

Sylvia said UFC is going to let him fight outside the org, he said Wes turned down the fight in Super Brawl, i think for December.

They called Wes, and Tim offered him $2500.00 of his own money in addtion to the show money that SB was offering him. He called Wes a bitch and said he had a vagina. He was calling him slow and making fun of Wes for getting cut by WWE. Tim was funny and Wes got clowned.

I remember hearing Wes talk a lot of shit about Tim in the past, but I guess he is not interested in fighting him.

Tim would OWN Simms, no doubt.

I LOVE hearing this. Come on Sims STEP UP BIG MAN... lol what sad sad situation.

One of Wes' big selling points was that he seemed to have no fear of getting in there and mixing it up with anyone - now that he's been completely exposed I think it's safe to say his 15 minutes are more than over.

wes: i'll break your other arm-----
tim: i only need 1 to beat u