Simple food pleasures

Fresh strawberries in a bowl of cheerios.

Peanut butter and apples.

Yellow mustard and iceberg lettuce on a sandwich. Phone Post 3.0

tortilla chips with melted cheese on top

1) 1 gallon whole milk
2) 1 loaf of Wonder Bread (white)
3) 1 large jar of Nutella
4) Diabetus

ranch dressing on just about anything


sawdusk - cereal
ranch dressing on just about anything

It's blue cheese with wings or fuck your mother.


Cinnamon graham crackers and Nutella Phone Post 3.0

Zucchini bread Phone Post 3.0

Gulab jamin Phone Post 3.0


Ttt for apples and peanut butter Phone Post 3.0

Crusty baguette (beep) and buttah Phone Post 3.0

Haha! That gif! There is a point right after he wakes up that his face looks terrified!! Hahaha Phone Post 3.0

Saltines Phone Post 3.0

Banana and chocolate peanut butter. Phone Post 3.0

Big EP -


YES! I import that shit from murcia.. its like crack but cheesy Phone Post 3.0

a good caprese salad with quality olive oil and splash of good balsamic

Bologna + American Cheese + White Bread


Fritos Phone Post 3.0

Plain old rice krispies treats.

And beetus, of course. Phone Post 3.0