simple question.

i'm 32 and 160 pounds and can beat up four 8 year olds weighing 40 pounds each. so if i can get to 300 pounds by my 50th birthday will i be able to beat up two 150 pound 25 year olds?????????????

...oh yeah, i meant all at the same time. anyone could beat up four 8 year olds if they attacked one at a time like in the movies, but they swarm you in real life

I'm 33 and 145lbs and I have found that kids swarming are much like a hive of bees swarming except the bees have more common sense.

I suggest that you use one or two as a shield and defelct the brunt of the swarming attack while swinging a third kid as an offensive weapon. Just ake sure you keep mobile.

Good luck.

P.S. Fart. Kids find that hilarious and will often be unable to continue the attack after a few good farts.

If you can do the heli-kick that Van-Damme does in the movie "Kickboxer" against Tong-Po, then I think that for sure you could take out those 25 year olds. Imagine, 300 pounds of flying, whirling DEATH!!!!

that 150 pounder last week distracted me with hanjobs and sandwhiches.

I just did the math, and it's doable. If you work hard maybe even by 48

MackDaddy. If you want him to stop chewing used condoms out of the garbage just roll up a newspaper and smack him on the nose with it.