Simple tips for dating sites

Some simple things everyone should know when trying to hook up on a dating site. They should be common knowledge but do not forget them!

1. If they do not show their body in a photo they are fat.

2. If they say they are not looking for a man to raise their kid they are looking for a man to raise their kid.

3. If they say they are not down to fuck on the first date that means they will on the second.

4. If they don't mention sex at all that means you can probably get laid if you play your cards right on the first date.

5. If they say they are a homebody or don't really like the club and or bar scene you probably can convince them to just come over or you go to their place for a dinner date. (see tip 4)

6. If they mention that they will not pay for a date move on. They are not worth your time. (You will of course pay for the date but you do not want to deal with a woman already talking about money)

Excellent advice and spot on.

thank you. These are proven true by experiments done by myself. I have been tricked by tip #1 to many times to fall for it again!

  1. If they put 420 friendly in their profile it means they are definitely down to get laid but probably not by you.

    8. If they post pictures of their kids move on. Trust me move on.

    9. If they give you their cell phone number before getting your name be careful.

    10. If they are into sports, hot as hell, and witty then there is definitely something going on. Be careful there too.
  1. If she mentions she has kids, but there's no pictures of them, they are 99.9% from a black guy. Phone Post 3.0
  1. If you find a girl that is pretty, just out of a relationship and/or trying online dating for the first time go for it. That is your easiest bet.

    12. If she spends half her time bitching about other guys and dates in her profile move on.

    13. If her profile is blank move on. You are just wasting your time.

    14. Realize these girls get 100's of messages a week. Do not get down if you do not get responses. Just keep messaging ones that appeal to you.

wooderson76 - 7. If she mentions she has kids, but there's no pictures of them, they are 99.9% from a black guy. Phone Post 3.0

very true. but this can be a good thing. Most likely the dad is out of the picture completely and you dont have to worry about it.


  1. realize they will all lie in their profile. Everyone on here is smart and funny and loves to excercise.

    16. Do not send more than one message. If they do not answer you move on.

    17. Do not try and use cheesy pick up lines thinking youre being cute and funny. Its lame and all the lame guys try it.

    18. Just be very straight forward and honest. Tell them what you liked about their profile and why you messaged. (I saw you are into going to concerts. I go to as many as I can. I would love to take you to one sometime)

    19. Do not initiate sex talk until you have been texting for a while. If you jump the gun you will scare them off. Remember half the messages they get are from guys trying to fuck them.
  1. Do not wait to long to try and meet them in person. They will get bored quickly.

    21. Once you meet in person if their is any chemistry at all set up the next date before leaving the first one.

    22. Take control. This girl power movement has guys being pussies. Do not be a pussy. Girls do not want pussies or they would be lesbians. Take control. Set up the date and make the plans. Do not ask her where she wants to go. Just ask her what she likes to do and make arrangements.

Just experienced #9 last week. Didn't meat her

all solid advice

OJTT_ConorWrestedHisBallsOnMyHead - Just experienced #9 last week. Didn't meat her

Good job. Last time that happened to me I ended up picking her up from the dumpiest trailer park. She was not the pretty girl in the picture. Well not anymore. Looked like Meth had ruined her.

  1. Have realistic standards. If you are a fat pig with no money you are not going to score a model.

    24. Actually read her profile before sending a message. Some people disagree and say to just send out a mass message to all the girls at once you like but I am telling you if you talk about something in their profile, even for a sentence, your rate of being answered goes up a ton.

    25. This goes with tip #1 but do not get suckered in by a nice pair of boobs!! Nice boobs on a fat girl is like abs on a skinny guy!

I have met quite a few girls off these sites. These are honest tips.