Simply put, a travesty.

Ryne Sandberg should be in the Hall of Fame. He should have went in before Eckersley and I could also make a case for him going in before Molitor. This is bullshit.

who the freak even votes for terry pendleton?????

how is dave parker, the hawk, rice, and sandberg not in that is horrible

I agree 100% kempo. Sandberg was the best player in the league at his position for more than a decade. Top 5 at his position All Time!!! Molitor was never the best at his position in any single year. Eckersley had about 4-5 good years on dominant teams. Other than that he was middle of the road.

I thought Sandberg should have gotten in too.

But look at the bright side Hawkeyefan---he can get in next year, and get the recognition he deserves because Pete Rose won't be on TV trying to kiss the game's ass trying to get in, like we see now. Unless his ban is in fact lifted and the writers vote him in next year. In that case, Sandberg would be better off waiting another year. He was too good a player to go into the Hall under the shadow of Pete Rose's saga.

Eckersly and Molitor were deserving too though, IMO.

There's gonna be a big run on "deserving" guys in the next few years - meaning less votes to go around. IMO Sandberg should have been #1 on the list this year.

And a lot of those guys will feel like Sandberg does now when they don't get in their first year either. It's tough to argue against Paul Molitor getting in, he's 8th all-time in hits after all. Sandberg won an obscene number of consecutive Gold Gloves, and should have gotten in as well. Eckersly won 20 games twice as a starter, pitched a no-hitter, and was a dominant closer.

This was Ryno's 2nd year of eligibility. He received like 48% last year. Haven't seen what he got this year yet.

he got 309, and 380 is the minimum. I'm not sure what percentage that comes out to.

It comes out to 61%. You need 75% right?

Correct. Molitor & Eck were both just over 80%.

How could you think Sandberg doesn't belong? I'm bumming.

"Eckersley had about 4-5 good years on dominant teams. Other than that he was middle of the road."

One thing I didn't know until today--Eck had 149 wins as a starting pitcher. Couple that with his saves (3rd all time), and he's an easy choice in retrospect. Yesterday I would have said maybe, today I say definitely, lol.

Oh, and about this:

"There's gonna be a big run on "deserving" guys in the next few years - meaning less votes to go around."

Wade Boggs is the only guy who becomes eligible next year with a shot at getting in.

"Eckersley had about 4-5 good years on dominant teams. "

the eck had nearly 200 wins and 400 saves..he well deserves to be a first ballot hall of famer

i agree that sandberg should be in, but so does rice...

eric - I guess the '07 class is the one that is stacked. You are correct.

Wow. Can't believe he didn't get in. Boggs will definately get in next year. 7 straight 200 hit seasons... not shabby.

Sandberg belongs, so does Trammell. Trammell is a top10 shortstop ALL-TIME (according to many writers including Rob Neyer and Bill James), and isn't in?

Sandberg, Trammell and Andre Dawson all belong.

So does Don Mattingly, but that is an argument for another day.

OK, here's how the Hall of Fame Candidates break down for the next three years (going by first year of eligibility):

2005--Wade Boggs is the only player with a legit shot.

2006--Peter Gammons and Tim Kurkjian both think this class is devoid of any worthy candidates. I agree.

2007--If Sandberg, Trammell, or Dawson aren't in by then, they won't get in this year. First-ballot inductees will include McGwire, Ripken, and Gwynn. Four or more inductees in a year is fairly rare.

So in the next two years, you've got 5 guys who should get in (I include Bert Blyleven on that list, he should have been in years ago). Sandberg and Boggs will almost certainly go in next year, I don't see who else would get votes, maybe Trammell or Dawson (but not both). Whoever's left in 2006 will get in, before the Class of '07 bogs everything down. Sandberg is BY FAR the best pick for next year's voting (from an Astros fan :)

And if 2007 comes and goes with Blyleven still not in the Hall, I'll be pissed.


kempo - Dave Parker was one of the best Reds of all time.


And eric - I agree, but I'm not as sold on Bert "Be home" Blyleven as you seem to be.

best Pirates of all time top 10-15 anyhow