Simpsons Did It: According to QAnon, September 24 is going to get wild

Not a bad way to go, bro

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And antifa

The Great Gig In The Sky IMO


Phenomenal book. Really enjoyed it and it freaked me out a it.

Fuckin edsel

Lmao !!!

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If there was any doubt the qanon account was created to effect votes it disappeared and then popped up again right before the election.

I guess saving babies only matters during the election cycles

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Any word on the big event tomorrow Q-Anon fans?

I mean there may be some college football upsets, but that’s about it.

Enjoy all of his liberal bullshit. I’ve been told he preaches his politics a good bit of the show.

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Yeah, he’s an insufferable cunt but he’s playing the hits and it’s the closest I will get to seeing Pink Floyd live and it’s my first time at Chase center.