Simpsons, King of the Hill, FUTUREAMA, or Family Guy,
in your opinion, which is best?

Simpsons, easy

Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, and then KotH.  Simpsons could have rated higher but I feel it has gone downhill.

It just really irks me that Futurama is no longer an ongoing series, I seriously wish they would continue this cartoon.

SImpsons of a bout five years ago, Futurama, Family Guy,KOH is different type of comedy. Not sarcastic or subversive.

Family guy.

I REALLY hope new episodes of FUTURAMA are being created!

Family Guy

for me family guy and futurama are way out in the front and then the simpsons. king of the hill actually depresses me so i never would watch it.

I think KOTH is a different format than the others

KOTH is in the profoundly unfunny genre.

1st Old Simpsons, I saw an old episode from season three the other night and I was laughing my ass off.

2: South Park

3: Family Guy

4: Beavis and Buthead

5: Koh, has it's moments but usually not great

6: Simpsons from the last three or four years.

I think the reason for Simpson's longevity over others is due to the fact they have a wider assortment of characters to pool from allowing for more creativity. Although, FURTURAMA does take place in space, so it seems there would be a vast amount of material to use in this series.

I can't stomach Family Guy.

I love Simpsons, but Futurama is the winner. Aside from the guaranteed laugh-out loud parts in every episode, it has a really sentimental side that I like.

yea, I'm not much for "Family Guy" either but I did watch my first episode of "American Dad" on Suday and it was hilarious. I didn't give it much of a chance because I thought it was just "Family Guy" repackaged so I'll have to view a few more episodes before making a final decision.