Sims Explains Fight---Interview by

thanks to did an interview with Wes Sims...he explains everything from the bite, to the stand up and why his back was turned...check it's pretty good

i guess i don't know how to do a link if someone else does...that would be cool...thanks

thank you momita :) and props to for a good interview


I noticed all of the fighters that night did a great job of keeping their composure.

I actually said something to a buddy of mine to the fact that I wonder what was said to them in a pre fight meeting.

Do the fight again.

Kyle has lost some stock with this

very interesting.

Makes sense to me.


Good interview! I think a complete investigation is in order.

The crowd around me was all booing Kyle and then cheered when a lady yelled at Kyle and called him a "bitch".

Gary Hughes

Kyle should be fined, at least. I wouldn't want him back in the UFC either

sims saying there should have been an automatic DQ is laughable. he was the one bitching that mir was too much of a pussy to continue fighting after the imfamous face stomps. so why the hell wouldn't sims want to keep fighting after a fucking bite on the chest?


Wes was robbed!


Why did you do that?

i think jens pulver would knock out wes sims and he would find an excuse for it.

I have watched a lot of MMA events including "every" UFC. I have never seen a bite mark before....

exzerpt: "so after i got ko'd i went to my corner and had coleman bite my tit so i could show it as a bite from kyle, get a dq and a win. didnt work"

Well, I've watched the fight a couple times, and regardless of the bite, Simms was beaten badly. If he was thinking he was being sent back to his corner to check his bite, it still doesn't explain why he was so gassed he looked light headed, and doesn't explain why he was being pummbled.
I don't like Kyle and I think he's a cheap SOB, but I think it's funny the interview didn't even mention the fact that Simms was getting his butt kicked.
If he wins by DQ because of the bite (which would be a warning not a dq by the rules) so be it, but he still looked horrbile, even on one days notice (Tank looks better stepping off a stool)