Since the Niger thread is gone

Can anyone tell me about the nice places there? There was some really good wildlife photos posted and one Dubai looking nice photo but the surrounding buildings left me unconvinced about the rest of the country. Is it a well developed place? Is Niger different than Nigeria? If so, what do you call people from Niger?

This is not an invite to say the obvious, simply a genuine set of questions I was hoping to have answered in the other thread.

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You should visit Chad. A lot of Chads there.


RDOTC was suspended for 2 days

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@camicom how do you know that? Can a common over see the banned list somehow?

Do you call them Chads or Chadinians or what?

Neato. But I have questions in the OP which I need answered. Its imperative.

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We follow each other on Twitter!

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Thanks. Was just curious. Have a nice night fella.

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@rdotc click his name, goof

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Motherfucker got got yo. Him and jay like avon and stringer bell. 3 weeks ago they were MoDs, now one is in jail the other in witness protection for murdering a kitty.

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Lmao. Thanks song 2.

Did that thread go nuts after I left? It says causing dissent. Were people in there pissed off about it?

My guess is he got got for the precursor to this thread. something about the country of niger. I didn’t see it. But it got deleted and now he caught a freeze.

The jay thread are currently trying to come up with an advertisement campaign for fart curtains.

Also put @ in front of the users name and it will tag them. @Kirik_Jr like that.

I saw that thread and it obviously had a questionable attempt at humor with the title. But from what I saw he posted some cool pics of the country and stuff.

I’m guessing you shouldn’t tag the site owners in race related jokes lol

The Niger thread could have been informative but took a hard R turn.

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@Kings21 was it rdot?

Who started dropping bombs?

Honestly have no idea. Diddnt see it or know what it’s about. I know it’s a country in africa and that’s about it.

I also know people have accused him of race baiting in the past.

But honestly I don’t know too much about that either. Just something I noticed a short while back when they made him a MoD it upset a lot of folks.

You guys will know better than me. I’ve posted more here in 2 weeks than probably the last 5 years or so.

I really dont know. I simply asked a question regarding a beautiful photo taken of a building w/ a dock and boats, checked back a bit later and it was gone. My memory kinda sucks so I cant really recall what went on. I’m also wondering if I’m confusing that thread with another thread that had EVERYONE unloading with every slur in the book or if it was the same thread. Kinda stayed out of that mess. Though I think that was a separate MM thread. IDK. I’m just trying to find out more about the country of Niger.

It was rdots thread where you asked about the buildings. I remember that. I think it was the last post i saw in the thread.

I dont recall anything too bad before my last post in that thread so who knows what happened?