Since There Will Be 54 UFCs in 2014 ...

... how about (at least) one in Bruce Lee's birthplace?


People are just bitching because they like to bitch. Even the shittiest free UFC cards have more worthwhile fights in a single event than we see from boxing PPV's in a year.

I'm happy that lower level fighters will have more opportunity. Some of the best fights happen with undercard fighters who are well outside of title contention.

More events will also make it possible for them to bring in a lighter WMMA division or two. I'd like to see Thug Rose in the octagon.

I'm pretty sure Lorenzo recanted that number either in the same fucking interview, or shortly thereafter. The UG Blog didn't bother to mention it because *page hits*.

For fuck's sake. Y'all can stop repeating this bullshit (I suspect this will be one of those things that doesn't disappear for awhile though).

San Francisco would be cool since it's close enough that I might be able to attend, but California gets a lot of love from the UFC in general compared to most places. I kind of feel like they need to be rewarding more of those smaller states that went ahead and legalized MMA on the mere possibility that they would get a UFC show out of it.