Since UFC bought Pride can we now

Finally see some dam highlights from fighters that made there name in Pride? Like Rampage and Crocop? I mean seriously, I'm tired of people asking me "What has that dude done?". And I know that I'm not the only one!!

Dammit help me out people!!!


Yes, you have my permission.

Thank you Lowbrow. I'm just tired of seeing Cro Cop and Rampage without a highhlight. Those guys have done too much for no American fans to know who they are or what they have accomplished!

I would rather see the following:

With the recent news that the LWGP is now up in the air I feel that Zuffa/Fertittas should definately now take this path. It allows for a GP format to take place whilst crowning new champs at the new weights and if over three events fighters would only fight once per night, with 2 separate 8 man GPs. Even without the option of a UFC rep in each GP they should still use the same format.

PRIDE should change the former 16 man 161 pound LWGP into two 8 man GPs to crown new champions at both the new weights. The other weight classes are close enough to their NSAC counterparts to warrant keeping the champions and title picture the same.

However 155 and 170 will need champions and the best way to do it is to hold GPs for each. This would somewhat go along with the original plans and allow for them to hold the standard Total Elimination, Critical Countdown, Final Conflict setup whilst giving everyone a chance to get to terms with the new weight classes and the fighters in each.

UFC could send a representative for each GP or not it does not really matter the format would work either way, although it would definately be more interesting to have one rep per GP.

IMO this would be by far the best idea right now:

8 man 155 LWGP for the smaller PRIDE LWs with possibly a UFC rep.

8 man 170 WWGP for the bigger PRIDE LWs and possibly smaller PRIDE WWs with possibly a UFC rep.

Everyone E-mail Zuffa this idea if you like it.

Wrong place I know but can a Blue namer make a thread with this please, I have made one on sherdog and everyone seemed to like the idea. Want to try and get some noise up about this seeing as though Dana recently said the GP is up in the air.

Wooo, hold on now noob. I just wanted to see sum Pride highlights during the UFC intros. I wasn't suggesting tournaments. I think my thread just got jacked!!

"I think my thread just got jacked!!"


Not a big loss imo... 

Strangely enough I was watching the Countdown to UFC 70 show last night on Setanta (in the UK that is, the one that'll air Thursday night in the US) and they've got some more clips on Mirko than before. I didn't watch the full thing, but they showed the Igor KO and small bits of Mirko's fights with Waterman and Fedor, as well as the Herring/Wanderlei clips they had for UFC 67. Not sure why they wouldn't show stuff like the Aleks KO yet though.

i was hoping for you to say

" since UFC bought Pride can we now" STOP THE PRIDE NUTHUGGING!!!

JH9000 has the right idea too

sure, let me let Dana know that it's ok to do so now when I see him at work tomorrow.

I think the official handoff is in the beginning of May.

I agree with pretty much everything on this thread.