Since when is "Tapout" one word?

 I noticed this a couple months ago, whenever a fighter wins by submission, it always reads "Winner by: Tapout"

Since when is Tap out one word? Wouldn't "Winner via Submission" make more sense?

Monopoly, mother bitches!

 not when they gross 50 MILLION a year

because thats how its spelled on the shirt.

Crooklyn - 
Hong Kong Phooey -  not when they gross 50 MILLION a year

Exceeded 100 million in 2008.

I did mean to edit that , thanks . Unbelievable numbers . Good for them !


BRUCE BUFFER usually announces " Winner, by TAPOUUUUUTTTTT!!!!"

Seems Buffer used to announce the submission, now just says "by Tapout" every time. Except for "by Triangle Choke", he likes to say that one a lot.

frederic - And why isn't the forum called Fapout instead?

 Idk, it's kind of hard getting my stroke on with Tito romo's