Since Zuffa loves rematch: Re:Law

Why not bring in a KOP?

Almedia vs the Law rematch....


Almeida signed with Pride just recently, did he not?


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I don't see an interest in a rematch because of the way the first fight went. Generally the rematches are exciting are the ones that are needed because of something that happened in the original fight. I would like to see the Big Dog in Pride or UFC, but I think there are better fights out there for both guys right now.

Almeida was completely messed up from competing in his weight class and the open division in Abu Dhabi that year. He's normally very agressive, and when your hurt and jetlagged, and just show up to get your paycheck, you're not gonna look very sharp.

A rematch would be a great fight!

Yeah, i think if Ricardo aslo knew the rules the fight would have been differen!  jk


Maybe I'm a little biased but it seemed like Linland tried to get the w via dq. He stood where he knew Almeida would kick then as soon as the kick was thrown he would drop to one knee. I would like to see a rematch as both have improved tremendously.

I dont mean to be disrespectful to either of those fighters because I like them both, but why do this to the fans? That first match was painful to watch. Noone even cared who won, they just wanted it to end.

Jr asp I don't remembr the fight too well but both seem to have improved. Both have gone on a tear and are top contenders at 185.

Almeida should be in the UFC cause he is exciting. Same with Suloev