Singapore still on

Is the retreat in Singapore still on?


Absolutley. . .check the website under 'when' for details and Kon's contact info.

There will even be a crazy Irishman there this time.

With what just happened in that region. How are we looking?

We didn't even get a drop from that tsunami.

Short of an alien invasion, nothings gonna stop the retreat from happening!


Great to hear Kon.

Kon, glad to hear you are well! Have you heard from Adam in Thailand?


Adam hasn't replied yet but if he is in Bangkok, he should be ok. It's mostly Southern Thailand that got hit.

Just watching the news come in...this is just terrible. The death toll continues to rise and it's expected that the areas worst hit will take YEARS to recover.

My prayers go out to all those affected, especially those still looking for their loved ones.

This is going to be a pretty solemn New Year.

I am glad to hear you guys are well. It is amazing what the Earth can do.