Singer for Loverboy Looks Like Renzo Gracie...

Blue please:


Yep. That's him!


lol yes he does, pretty awesome.

His name is Mike Reno. 

I've seen him live a bunch of times. 

His voice is fantastic, he's fat as shit now, and he has never looked like Renzo Gracie. 


Saw loverboy a few years ago, they put on an awesome show. 

No way Jose.

I took these pics in Santa Cruz (Free Concerts On The Beach)


u mean the audience was not paid to attend?

Nah,it wasn`t actually free.We had to pay $10.00 for parking back then.`s $15.00.

I've met him here in Vancouver several times. Nice guy. Total drunk / Cokehead 50somethin. Actually goes out in the town in leather pants. Looks like Chris Farley at 55-60. Nice guy.