I want to congratulate my old friends Adam and Rory Singer of The HardCore Gym for receiving their BJJ Black Belts on Saturday. After a seminar at the HCG in Athens GA, their Coach Roberto Traven surprised the brothers with the announcement in front of a crowd of 30 people. The brothers could not be more excited to attain this milestone and to do it under a legend like Traven. Rory and Adam would like to thank Roberto for being a great coach, mentor, training partner and friend. Additionally they would like to thank the other coaches that have been influential in their growth through these years, Matt Thornton, Chris Hauter and Ricardo Liborio. Lastly they would like to thank all there friends, training partners and students at The HCG. Without you guys none of this would be possible. Rory and Adam will continue to represent RT BJJ and ATT with pride and honor.

Frank Bishop

 Big congrats to Adam and Rory.


Thank you Paul, Matt and Lu.

Congratulations to two awesome coaches and guys! Well deserved!


Big congrats to the Singer brothers!!!

Good work guys,

Congrats and well deserved. :)


Very impressive accomplishment.




congrats! I just heard, been offline for a while. Nice job guys!


Thanks Everyone.

Congratulations, guys!!!

Couldn't happen to a better bunch of guys.


Great Job Adam and Rory you guys are legit I trained at the hardcore gym many many years ago and learned a lot. You were great instructors then and now, congratulations on the Blackbelts.

Way to go guys! Awesome job!