Singer's Hardcore Training DVD

Just got it yesterday. I'll post a review as soon as I get a chance to sit down and watch the whole thing. I skimmed through the first few chapters already and was very impressed. It's very organized, seems well edited and has a ton of info.

Just finished it.

Very informative. Very cool. Very SBG.

DVD starts off with the workout Rory does when getting ready for a fight. Very organized and breaks down not only the mechanics of the exercises, but also the methodology behind it.

Rory then shows some cool points from the Tai Neck Clinch and how to unbalance and setup your opponent from a MMA perspective.

The Forgotten Five breaks down the five punches that most people either don't know or don't throw properly. Rory & Adam show the break down of the Double Jab, Body Shots, Uppercuts and the Overhand Right as well as their tactical application. As you would expect from anything related to SBG, Alive Drills follow just about every technical section so you can see what it looks like for real.

Adam & Rory talk about Counter Punching in chapter 5 and the critical importance of timing and range. Counters are shown to both Jabs, Crosses and Hooks as well as a cool method of breaking your opponents pattern/ combination called the Touch 3. Interesting note: Adam shows how to incorporate Elbow strikes as well. Rory works with Forrest to show how the skills are drilled Alive.

Fighting off of the wall/ Out of the corner. This was one of my favorite parts. Adam & Rory show angling and circling tactics to get you mobile and off the wall. Definitely high percentage stuff.

more later....

That's great, I hoped mine would have arrived before christmas. I am still waiting.

Thanks for the review Fletch!

I got my copy of the DVD a few days ago and have watched it twice so far. I definitely got my money's worth. I liked all the tips Adam & Rory give you on how to adapt boxing for MMA purposes.

Everybody on the video has a sense of humor. I thought it was funny when Adam made quips about Rock-em Sock-em and the Larry-Moe-Curly punch.

The video really exposed me to the importance of the clinch game, which I know next to nothing about. I also liked watching Adam, Rory, Forrest, Paul and all the other instructors demonstrate the techniques while sparring each other.

I still haven't recieved it, does it come regular mail or UPS?.

Regular mail. I recived mine last week and just finshed my write-up on it. My review will be floating around by the end of the week.

I've been waiting on mine for a little while. I hope its on its way. Sounds like a good DVD!


My copy was with the mail when I got home last night. Just to let everyone know my perspective, this was my first purchase of any SBG material.

This DVD delivers everything I expected it would. No fluff, no banter about 'fingers pointing to the moon'; just a technical no-nonsense approach to training some specific skills and techniques. The participants move around for the camera, allowing you to see how a technique is being applied from several angles, the sound is crisp and clear, and the descriptions of the movements make sense.

I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with the material or the presentation of the material on this DVD.

Good work guys,


crap, the mail just ran and no DVD. The reason I am wanting to get the DVD so quick is for the drills. I wanted to start a new training cycle for the new year with some fresh idea's. Oh well, maybe tomorow.


Another mail call, no DVD! AAAAARRRRRHHHHGGGG!

SBG guys just emailed me. I should be getting it soon. TTT for the DVD