Singers whose voices anger you

Like not only do you not like their voice, but it makes you want to punch them in the solar plexus. While holding a roll of quarters.

Zac De La Rocha, Maroon 5 guy with the stupid yodel noise in his voice, Halsey, Florence and the Machine, guy from Steely Dan especially during Ricky Don’t lose that Number, Gwen Stefani, chick from Die Antwoord, the guy too.

Neil Young. Vote me down, gaylords.


Tom Petty

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Joe Cocker

Tom Wopat.

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Fuck it, Bob Dylan too.


Neil Young and Tom Petty, lol. I’m on board with both of those. Forgot about the nasally classic rock guys.

On an opposite note, the voice of Julian Lennon soothes the savage beast. I could never snap a neck while listening to “Valotte”.




He was an “actor”…

Cardi B is probably the worst for this, but I’m never in situations where I need to hear that garbage voice.


Wait, Luke Duke was a singer too? No way it was bad. I knew he was a badass boxer, but never heard him croon.

The guy from Rush. Despite their amazing musicianship, I can’t stand his voice.

Dave Mustaine. Great guitarist, sounds like teenage angst on the mike.

The guy from Mushroomhead. I envision some pimply Gamestop employee rocking out while cleaning up after closing time.


lol. I don’t get how he does those “talking” parts in his songs and doesn’t realize he sounds ridiculous. Geddy Lee’s voice pissed me off in high school, but I don’t mind it as much now.

that is a sick tune, indeed.

seems like a talented producer/writing team should have been able to make a killing with him.

bob marley

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Five Finger Death Punch

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Justin Beiber.

Every mumble rap “musician”


Dave Matthews and guy for our lady peace. And of course Aaron Lewis.


It was a serious heartfelt type song, but any other songs I remember from him seemed more like typical attempts at upbeat pop hits. They weren’t bad, but not good enough to make him a megastar.