Singers whose voices anger you

I’m referring to back in the day when she was the lead vocalist of No Doubt, she actually used to sing back then.

I’m with you regarding her stuff like Hollaback Girl.

I’ll second a number that were mentioned…also can’t stand Dave Matthews, Billy Joe from Green Day and the Blink 182 guy (and all of their clones Blink 183, 184 etc.)

Mustaine drives me nuts because I would like the band with a different singer.

Also someone mentioned Aaron Lewis, Staind is a guilty pleasure for me since they were local when I was in college and I was in to that nu metal stuff pretty hardcore…but I happened to hear a live version of It’s Been a While from an upcoming live album and can’t believe how cringy this moment (at about 2:20 of this video) is…why the hell would you release that?

AC DC singers
Bob dylan
Coldplay singer

I’m surprised I haven’t seen Billy Corgan. I’m a huge Pumpkins fan, Everytime someone finds that out, I’ll get someone who goes on a tangent about how much they hate Corgan’s voice. Never bothered me.

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Def leppard guy

Michael Stipe…he’s just the worst.

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Anger is too strong. I’ve never been angry about hearing someone’s voice, but a few a mildly annoying.

Shakira - she sounds like someone trying to sound like a female version of Kermit the Frog while singing. I don’t know what that vocal quality is called, but it is prevalent among latin women. Sofia Vergara has it. too. Every time I hear her speak it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Most ‘screamo’ metal vocalists. They aren’t actually screaming, they’re using what are called ‘false folds’ in their vocal tract to make that growling sound. Most sound like shit. Tatiana of Jinjer does it well and she doesn’t use it all the time.

Good call

YOu don’t like Freddy Mercury?

Leave it to the OG


Allison Kruass is the very worst. Constant annoying, squeaky falsetto.

Vince Gill.

Kelly Clarkson.

Taylor’s Swift.

I am a huge Rush fan. I get what you are saying, but I could not imagine any othet voice delivering those messages.

  • Kurt fucking Cobain
  • Neil Young
  • Feist and all chicks similar
  • Tones and I

Dave Grohl

I hate her singing voice.

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lol. Forgot about grown men singing “Pop Punk”. Yep, shit sucks hard. Max Bemis from Say Anything. Celebrating “singing” like a whiny suburban 13 year old. That genre seems like it was designed purely for soundtracks to bad comedies from the late 90s/early 2000s.

Neil Young
Dave Mustaine
Luke Combs
Hank Williams
Christina Aguilera
The guy from Decemberists
Pretty much every Canadian band ( I’m a Canadian and a musician and fully admit Canadian music is 99% shit)
The Life of Agony guy and every “URRRRRR” singer from the 90’s
The Beach Boys


And Franki Valli and every Four Season member. Who the fuck thought they were some tough motherfucker AND sings “BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY” IN A FALSETTO LIKE THEY WERE CASTRATED!?!

Jesus Christ yes.