Singers whose voices anger you

Tom Delonge actually has a really great range in my opinion, as he’s shown with Angels and Airwaves. But even a lot of other blink songs too, like Boxing Day, he shows off how good a singer he can really be when he wants to

But to answer op, I think the only one that actually angered me was Scott Stapp.

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Came to mention billy corgan. It’s really just tonight tonight that might be some of the worst tones a singer as ever hit. The vocals are like nails on a chalkboard

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I’m a dave matthews fan. Also a rush fan. I understand geddy lee not being for everyone but what’s the beef with dave man?

Whoever these kids are I hear on the radio in the dentist office who do that millennial whoop in every fucking song. I have no idea who they are and I don’t want to know.

Basically everything recorded after around 1985 sucks though. IMVHO.

If Steve Perry is your choice then it’s odd that Geoff Tate would be on your list. Sure Anthrax and Megadeth are much different but Tate is a pretty good singer, IMO.

lol. You can’t shit on old-timey doo-wop. Franki’s voice was silk on “My Eyes Adored You”. The high-pitched guy in those songs always made me laugh more like anything.

lol. I ignored that whole genre of music just because I knew it would piss me off. That guy’s voice was a big part of it. Same with Greenday pretending they were british. Also the odd midget looking guy from Sum 41. Kind of funny cause I love Avril Lavigne. The “punk” thing is obviously just an angle and it’s just solid pop music. I think those other guys really thought the were punk. Maybe Avril does too, but she’s a girl not a grown man, whatever.

Bruce Springsteen
Stevie Ray Vaughn
John Lennon
Miley when her auto-tune is turned off

Of, Neil Young for certain.


The loser from Green Day.

Peter Steele and Chris Cornell

Yeah, love his melodic voice

Kim Moore from sonic youth - horrible. Putrid. Screaming like yoko at times (she can do well, chooses not to). Really bad.

Her ex-husband, Thurston Moore, is awesome. He’s got a great voice. Very untraditional though. Haunting.

Their cover of “Superstar” is cool. I never got their original music. Tried forcing myself to like one of my CDS back in the day. I like alternative rock from that era. Just didn’t feel it.

Say what you will that turkey yodel is something special

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lol. That’s horrible. I remember that guy was under the impression he was some legendary rock star. Was getting in trouble for doing stupid shit and acting the fool. Dude was not cool enough to get away with any of that bullshit.