Single biggest problem in American politics today

This is dry and boring, but work with me here, people.

We all hate how hyper partisan politics is today, and how much bullshit there is, and how negative it is, and all of it.

NOBODY is happy with the current system, and the problem isn’t with people. People are people. They haven’t changed. The problem is STRUCTURAL, and it’s non-competitive congressional districts (AKA gerrymandering).

Every time districts are drawn, they are gerrymandered BY BOTH PARTIES. There are no “good guys” here. Everybody does it every opportunity they can. So in any given state, you have a bunch of relatively safe Republican districts, a bunch of relatively safe Democratic districts, and relatively few competitive “swing” districts.

This is a HUGE problem. It means that the REAL election in any district isn’t the general election, it’s the primary, and primaries are just different animals.

Primaries are won by those furthest to the fringe, in general. The hard core of each party is more motivated than the casuals who vote in general elections. Further, with no reliable opponent on the horizon, there is no incentive to nominate a more moderate “electable” candidate who could siphon some voters from the other side, and so congress (the house) has gotten more and more polarized, and that tone has infected the country at large.

If you had more competitive districts, it would force more moderate, consensus oriented candidates, because they’d HAVE to be able to beat a candidate from the other party, who would appeal to centerists on THEIR side.

Now, where the “center” would be could vary, regionally. Southern centerists would be further right than California centerists, because that region is further right than California, but the point is, they’d have to try to appeal to as broad a spectrum of voters as possible, rather than just getting the hard core in primary season, and knowing that their district was set up so that once you win the primary, the general election is a foregone conclusion.

With more centerists in congress, you get a more centerist congress.

With a more centerist congress, you get a congress that deals first and foremost with practical, bread and butter issues, and leaves the silly-ass dogmatics sidelined. You get common sense governance, not brinksmanship. You get compromise, which I would hope we would all recognize is SORELY missing in politics today. There are still going to be retards, but there would be more reasonable people, because centerist republicans aren’t going to vote for AOC, and centerist democrats aren’t going to vote for Matt Gaetz.

I think what’s going on in North Carolina and Pennsylvania is SUPER DUPER DUPER important for our country moving forward.

With redistricting coming up, Democrats have been making noises about implementing non-partisan redistricting special masters, or commissions.

I think it would be the single best thing they could do for our country.

Unfortunately, as I live close to Maryland, which is HUGELY gerrymandered in their favor, I think they’ll just do the same thing as 2010, only in reverse

I genuinely believe this structural issue is what drives EVERYTHING, and the fix of "stop letting politicians choose their voters, and start letting voters choose their politicians" would fix a LOT and within one election cycle.

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