Single biggest thing liberals are delusional about? Same with conservatives?

Liberals and Conservatives both: Double Standards

Liberals- Jesus christ that list is long

Conservatives- Trump. Way too much dick riding

Liberals: that the government wouldn’t be corrupt and would function efficiently and smoothly if only THEY were in charge.

Conservatives: that the government gives a fuck about protecting them or their rights.

Liberals: statistics/science. Other than climate change they tend to ignore both. For instance, they ignore the statistics on violence and race and instead blame the cops for the interactions they have with black people. They are also the side that says men can get pregnant and support trans athletes competing against women. They claim to support science while saying gender is a social construct. Absolute loons.

Conservatives: religion. It all comes back to religion with conservatives on their worst marks. Abortion and gay marriage. It’s none of their business but their religious ties make them look like fools.

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Liberals : Everything

Conservatives : Democracy

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Left: Liberty

Right: Religion

You could swap those and it would still make sense

Funnily enough cooking is something anyone can learn to do. You don’t need to import a million Chinese people to get Chinese food.

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Murdering another person isn’t part of personal choice and never has been. It’s such a foolish argument but the left repeats it endlessly.

Libertarianism/anarchism/minarchism/etc whatever name you want to put on it has always been an insanely naive position to take. Life simply doesn’t work that way. Every society has shared cultures and values that binds the people together, and if you don’t then you don’t have a society. Instead you have a fractured mess of competing groups, which is why multicultural states ALWAYS collapse and split along ethnic or religious lines. People simply don’t want to live in a wild west where one day their kid is being taught to be an 8 year old stripper by the local cross dresser and the next is being taught that showing any flesh is a mortal sin by the local Iman.

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Ignoring any problems with ideology, the problems with both liberals and conservatives is that they think there is some time period they can set the clock back to and everything can be fine. Liberals mythologize some combination the 90s consensus politics and Obama-era feel-good stuff. For the Republicans it is a mashup of the 80s and the 50s. None of which actually existed.

I agree with this.

Both political sides seemingly have this concept of “if we can only go back to like it was when…” but that time as they idealize it never actually existed like they think it did.