Single greatest sporting event you attended

What's the most historic sporting event at which you were in attendance.

Mine would have to be USA beating Columbia at the World Cup in 1994.

I've been to plenty of championship basketball games because I had lakers season tickets from 84-94 and 99-2002, but in the scheme of the world sports landscape, that was it. International sports have a more powerful impact

And, defender who scored on his own goal got murdered after the game, which added to the drama after the game Phone Post 3.0

The final game at 3 Rivers Stadium.  Sat in Hines Ward's seats.

UFC 149.

I have a terrible live sports track record.... Phone Post 3.0

Pride 33 in Vegas.

Hendo unifying the titles against Wand.
Nick Diaz "COME ON BITCH" gogoplata vs. Gomi
Shogun beating down Ubereem
Sakurai eviscerating Danzig

It was a wild night, one "Holy shit!" moment after another in a card stacked with the biggest names in MMA, a series of highlight fights. The fans in attendance were the best of MMA fans, and Vegas was at its best that weekend.


Game 2 of the of the Stanly cup eastern conference finals. Bruins vs rangers. Bruins won 5-2 Phone Post 3.0

Roughriders coming back from 21 points down against the Stampeders with 2 mins left in the 4th quarter. this happened about 25 years ago,

Wimbledon Phone Post 3.0

Every day of Track and Field at the '84 Olympics in LA. Saw Evander Holyfield get robbed in Boxing that year, as well as Rod Dedeaux somehow lose to Japan with one of the most stacked Olympic baseball teams ever assembled.

Sadly was at the Texas v USC NC game as well. Was in the corner of the endzone that Vince Young ran the last touchdown to. As soon as he brought the ball down and showed run, I knew it was game over, as there wasn't a single SC jersey between me and him.

Been in the Winner's Circle at the Breeders Cup too.

I watched Forrest run out of the cage at 101 Phone Post 3.0

84 Olympics.  LA Coliseum

Saw Carl Lewis win 2 Golds out of 4 or 5 I think.  Daly Thompson and Valerie Brisco Hook also won gold that day.

Kentucky Derby, 1995. Phone Post 3.0

RedSox World Series win at Fenway in 2013 Phone Post 3.0

I saw Jordan play his last game. Phone Post 3.0

heavyd4561 - RedSox World Series win at Fenway in 2013 Phone Post 3.0

adcc 2005

FSU Auburn national championship. Phone Post 3.0

Colts vs Pats AFC Championship game in Indy. The whole day was amped up followed by a crazy good game.  As a Colts fan it was something to witness.

UFC 100 or Stanley cup black hawks vs Bruins game 5 a couple years ago. Phone Post 3.0

Seeing Mario get his 600th goal. Phone Post 3.0

UFC 69... Saw one or if not the biggest upset in UFC history Phone Post 3.0