Single vs. taken women

I posted this on the og and the white knights got so butt hurt it was laughable. Reporting here for actual advice.


So for the last few years I seem to have been hooking up with an inordinate amount of girls with boyfriends, or more.

Single women are just like impossible to get, but girls in relationships seem to love me. They really work with me to get the deed done.

Here's the thing- I want a long term relationship. Being the guy on the side gets old, and I never try to make these girls leave their man, quite the opposite actually. But they come on so strong and being extremely horny /lonely/bored I say duck it and hit it.

You guys ever experience this? Is it something I'm doing? Showing too much interest/being to nice to available chicks? Or are single women just super picky and girls in relationships super selfish/whorish? It sucks Phone Post 3.0

And I am the lonely/bored/horny one.

I have never cheated on a gf. I am a one woman guy. When I'm in a relationship (which I don't start unless I am very interested and foresee long term happiness) I have eyes for only her. Cheesy I know, but it's how I am. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone? The thread on the of has gone awful lol, the only one genuinely trying to help is a woman. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt for some female opinions Phone Post 3.0

I don't know what to say lol I've typed about 4 different responses but keep deleting them.

Maybe the girls in the relationships are really unhappy and are just looking for a second guy.

How often do you try and talk to single girls? And where (online, in person, phone)? Phone Post

I meet single girls wherever I can. Tried online was not happy with quality of women who I could actually round up for dates.

The taken women are def unhappy with their relationship Phone Post 3.0

Do you live in a smaller town? Maybe word spread that you get with girls with boyfriends, so the single ones don't want to be with you.

Other than that, I'm kind of drawing a blank as to why taken girls love you and single girls don't. Phone Post

Dallas Texas.

You and me both lol. Married women are the worst, they get all out of breath and nervous around me when i meet them, while single women almost act annoyed when I talk to them. Girls with bfs are flirty, but somewhere in the middle.

Obviously not every single female is this way, but the trend is alarming and apparent Phone Post 3.0

I agree with the grass is always greener thing, most of the time they just want a young fit guy lol.

I try to ignore/offer as little attention as possible, but that seems to turn women on more than anything lol.

If I meet a girl I like who's single and is a good person, I don't ignore them and that turns them off, also I thing single women want the total package, not just a compartmentalized thing ok the side where looks are all that matter Phone Post 3.0

Maybe you just haven't met the right single lady? Idk how old you are, but if you're fairly young, the single ladies may not want the same type of relationship you do. Phone Post

  1. The dating pool has thinned at significantly at my age. Phone Post 3.0

Hm.. This is just so strange, i can't think of any possible explanation. Lol. I'd advise to refrain from being the guy on the side, and to keep approaching the women you like. There's a girl out there for you! Phone Post

So one of the actual young single girls came in today, acted like I was a creep. I tried to make small talk like three weeks ago, but apparently it weirded her out. I wanted to break something. Two hours earlier I was doing a four person small group and the damn cougars won't stop flirting. Makes me so fucking mad. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for your confidence lol. Yes being the guy on the side is a waste of time and dangerous as hell. I'm just not good with peer pressure, especially during moments of weakness Phone Post 3.0

This is just too interesting. It's like a mystery that i want to solve. Just to clarify, you don't get any of the single girls you approach? Or you do get some that are interested, but it just doesn't work out?

I very occasionally will secure a single female who I like, if they are single it's almost always the ones I could take or leave/half interested in at best. By far the most difficult type of women to date are single women I like.

I give almost no flirtatious vibes and try to even say dumb/beta shit to married women and I have to beat them off with a stick on top of that. Honestly if she has a bf depending on her seriousness ill do the same thing. Phone Post 3.0

Maybe the right one just hasn't come along yet. Also, I'm not saying you do, but if you have high expectations, it may make it even more difficult. Phone Post

Expectations in terms of what? That could be something. I've noticed if you want a relationship single women get freaked out. Phone Post 3.0

Just your expectations for a girl you see yourself in a long-term relationship with. Maybe those girls that you're just "ehh" about could be great for you.

Single girls could be getting freaked out if you try and take things too fast with them. Phone Post

I mean my expectations are realistic. I don't need the prettiest girl in the country, but I do have to be attracted to her. In fact I prefer her not to be too attractive, I'm more of a personality man. Phone Post 3.0