Sirius Gis???

Hey guys, i have a student that wants a Sirius GI. I have to make a minimum order so i may get one too. Ive never seen one or knew anyone that has had one. I like all my GIs, Atama, WAR, KF, ... anyone have expereince with Sirius? Sizing , Fit etc? thanks guys

You'll find a lot of good to great reviews of the Sirius stuff lying around in other threads around here.

I love my blue A3. It's built well to take a bunch of abuse without feeling like a barn coat. The collar is sturdy without being too stiff. I love the cut of the jacket, it's "trim", not tight. The pants are also some of the best I've tried. Nice and heavy, reinforced in all the standard places with a drawstring closure that stays closed. Minimum shrinkage on the pants and jacket (for better or worse) although I've never put mine in a dryer. It's kept it's color well and I like the embroidery.

I'm sure they'll be plenty more from other folks. I highly recommend them. I bet you'll like it a lot. One small complaint, I didn't get a belt with mine, but it sounds like it's not an issue for you.

thanks packer, thats what i was looking for

And, their customer service is absolutely top-notch. I can say this from personal experience and from reading others' reviews.