Sister in Law Tricked Me... Wtf

LOL @ the guy that goes to a comedy show and gets mad. Relax and laugh.

I'd refuse to go... she sounds like a bitch Phone Post 3.0

Jhay - You're goin to see Bryan Callen? nice.
#hatechabrian Phone Post 3.0

Damn that's fucked, where do you live?

I've been doing comedy for a little over a year in San Diego and only know of one guy that's really a Christian comic.... The guys a complete tool and seems to worship himself more than anything.

There are some guys who do clean comedy and are hilarious, it's not my thing but they are funny. Hopefully you can have a couple drinks and enjoy the show Phone Post 3.0

who is it?


there are a few christian comedians that are pretty funny

Kindly - "Jesus won't you come my waaayyyy? Got something I want to saaaaaayy" Phone Post 3.0
Fetty Christ Phone Post 3.0

Pretjah - 

who is it?


there are a few christian comedians that are pretty funny

Social conservatives aren't any good at comedy.

Is it Darren Streblow? I started stand-up the same time as him. He's funny and talented and a cool dude. Phone Post 3.0

In for the comedy show review. Phone Post 3.0

Wear a rain poncho and keep yelling out for Sledge-O-Matic

Every time you laugh an Angel gets its wings. Phone Post 3.0

hercules_mma_kosark - Man I would be pissed too. And I wouldn't go. Phone Post 3.0

And then later be angry in life when your wife stops having sex with you.

Jhay - You're goin to see Bryan Callen? nice.
You spelled Brian Reagan wrong. Phone Post 3.0

groundfighter2000 - Holy shit! I can't believe Jinx's sister-in-law is doing this!!!

I know, right?  I mean we all trusted her.  How could she do this to us?


I'd never heard of christian stand up until this thread. I checked it out.

If a blue would please.

My review: 0/10 did not laugh at all

Fuck that I would've been pissed. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

MarsMan - Bra dhun tisss!

Dawg, that is not how the sound of a high-hat/rim shot goes.

Are they paying for dinner?

Order the most expensive steak if they are Phone Post 3.0

So don't go. I don't see the problem. Phone Post 3.0