Heard the Eddie Bravo/Matt Horder remix of More and have had interest in them ever since. Phone Post 3.0

OH SHIT WFA. Sorry guys. I'll post this on the OG Phone Post 3.0

Now they're both on the OG. Phone Post 3.0

^ no no no!

The original that was re-released on Some Girls Wander By Mistake is far superior!

Also: the creaming jesus cover of temple of love was better than both SoM versions :D

Awesome band Phone Post 3.0

Do you feel like 1959? Phone Post 3.0


this corrosion. they were leaders in goth.

They kick ass

yusul - this corrosion. they were leaders in goth.



Wish that he would get rid of his Axl Rose disease and release a new album.

Saw them a few months back. Pretty much the worst gig (of a band I like) Ever. Phone Post 3.0

Great band! (Not today though...) Phone Post 3.0

They did their bed stuff with Wayne Hussey, who later left to form his own crappy band.

They had some very odd (but cool) choice for cover versions:

Emma (by Hot Chocolate):

Gimme Gimme (by Abba):

as well as stuff by Velvet Underground, Stooges, Stones etc.

^for Trampking

Thanks ferox! I'm functionally retarded. :/

Great band Phone Post 3.0