Sit down on punches!! ...meaning??

What does it mean? stay low all the time ? Before throwing your punch? when landing? Thanks friends.


Some context about where you heard this might help.


I never really get this either?

It means bend your damn knees.

Bend knees, use twisting of entire body as well as weight transfer from back to front leg as punch is delivered.

This was a pretty good thread on this a while back. I think Stickgrappler has it on his site.

Think about sinking into your front foot on a cross instead of pushing off the back foot.

A lot of people get way off balance and lean forward (sometimes onto one foot) when they punch. You need to sit back and stay balanced, just like standupguy said.

is this for jabs as well?

no, you sit on rear hand punches ie: cross.

sink your weight at impact. prevents you from overextending/getting off balance and adds power to your punch.

I usually get paid to reveal these secrets.

what is stickgrapplers site?

Knees bent, feet planted, punch from your feet, through your legs, into your hips, which rotate and shift the weight from back to front leg as the power of the punch continues through the body and into the punching arm/hand.

Not throwing "arm punches".

The difference between a punch thrown for show and a punch thrown with bad intentions by someone who understands punching power.



It means your boyfriend wants to fist you.

Yeah that's

Stick's awesome site:

ok this the best way I explain this to new school fights when guys shoved each other first before the start of fight..sometimes you would see a guy get shoved an he would go flying that is the result of the person putting his weight behind the shove he actually sat down on push and put his weight behind it, if he just used his arms he wouldnt move the other guy to much.. same theory in punching.. snap your punch out for speed but sitdown and put your weight behind the power punches... Does this help?

Sometimes people get up on their toes as they punch, sending all their power into the air. We've called this Kangarooing. Sitting on your punches is kind of the opposite. Your power needs to go toward your opponent.


I've heard Tank say that when he trained boxing in Mexico the trainer showed him how to really sit down on his punches. I figured it meant what Fred said.