Site Covering all Russian Combat..

Would you be interested in a site (in English, of course) covering all things Russian MMA, and related?

A friend and I are seriously thinking about starting one (been kicking it around for some time now) in the very near future.

We'd like to know approximately how many hits we might expect in a day, just to see if it's worth the great effort it will take to get this thing underway.



TTT! Lets see how many people are interested in our site.


Thanks Andrei! I will definately keep that in mind.

I would of course be very interested in this site.


For sure, especially if there are results posted on obscure Russian events.

Also profiles on the many good Russian fighters most people here don't know about (Or don't know enough about).

Good stuff. Keep the suggestions coming. There are indeed a lot of great fighters that nobody knows about. For example, Sergey Seregin who beat Andrey Semenov (10-0 points or something lopsided like that) and Ansar Chalangov (M-1 welterweight champ, beat Strasser in less than a minute) in the same event on the same night.

We are working on names like: Mileshkin, Chalangov, Seregin (beat both Ansar Chalangov and Andrey Semenov in a Combat Sambo event fairly recently), Datsik (lol the true clown prince of MMA), and on and on............

We may even be able to offer footage of these fighters, if we can get it cleared to do so.

lol Hey now, you beat me to the punch there, buddy!

ttt for more replies...

Definitely interested.

Yup. Sounds good.


With a little publicity I am sure you could get 1,000
uniques a day very quickly. I would be happy to
have a Russian language forum with reciprocal

Go for it I would check out. Also sell M-1 videos, or anything else you can get your hands on.

"Also sell M-1 videos, or anything else you can get your hands on."

That is definately something we have planned to try and work out with Stanislav Khramov & Bas Boon.

We may have to jump through some hoops, but we are going to give it our best shot.

Good luck, I hope you guys can make things happen.

u should russian sambo technique page like

there is not enough on sambo on the web.

Thanks for the interest and suggestions. Please keep this thread alive.