Site still sucks

Get rid of the fucking swipe right back button shit! God damn this has gone on too long. This site is so fucking aggravating.

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Lol what do you mean? Aren’t gesture settings defined by your phone’s operating system settings?

If you want the old school Android back button always showing, turn it on.

You’re an idiot, OP. Use a better browser.

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Must be an idiot. How do I do this?

OP is an idiot when it come to tech. Lol


I have to open the app twice,first time is always blank.
Any link I click on from here, if I click back to come back to the forum it either does nothing or closes the app entirely.
I get those “500” errors somewhat frequently.

I love this place, but it just cant help itself.


Use brave browser on your phone. It’s infinitely better than the app.

App sucks, especially lately, even swiping doesn’t work.

Delete the app for the brave browser.

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The whole forum has an unshakeable cancer. Problems before the move, problems after.

I get the 500 server errors, forum not found, now the app always crashes on first launch and I have to open it a second time.

I’ve never known a site be so overrun with issues. No professional developer has worked on this project, I’m quite sure of that.

I assume Kirik’s got an alcoholic family member who did a community college programming course and Kirik slips him $50 every so often to keep things barely afloat.