Site traffic after new layout? Decline?

So I got the android app update. I know its new so leeway and all that. It sucks ballsack being in a thread and wanting to just click the back arrow like before and see other threads,but now it closes the app out.
Not to mention I cant scroll anymore like the browser version, this one locks the screen eaxh post so you have to keep your thumb busy. Its just odd.
I will give it a chance for now I guess


On the iOS app the upgrade to pro is worth it. Without the ads the app runs much smoother. I think it’s $12 a year. Using the arrows is a bit quirky for awhile. You get used to it. Who knows though the Android app might be completely different. Good luck!

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High !


Used to use the android app…now used to the web version now and won’t go back…thanks for the heads up

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That appears to be a glitch. We’ll get it fixed! What happens if you use a left to right swipe to go back.

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Ok that will take getting used to but its a cool feature. @Chris

Yeah, other than the side scroller in place of pages (which I greatly prefer) it’s a big improvement. I have it set up so it looks really nice.

Good job overall.

With a screen name as dumb as yours? That’s true

This is important to see. Surely it can be implemented, I shouldn’t have to click on a user profile avatar mid thread, it should be accessible on the fly.

Good point holly9000

This is just untrue. You have repeatedly sent me pictures of pocket change. Saying “I bet you want it don’t you, you dirty Heb”. and " I bet your people can’t kill Jesus again".

Seriously though, why are you responding to the troll? He’s just looking for a reaction out of you.

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Sharing my important and valued opinions is not trolling sir

I agree. Calling dipshits trolls is quite degrading to trolls. This needs to stop.

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Goochy mang is most likely an upset zionist and possible burger king frequenter

Don’t get me wrong. I love dipshits.

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Only way I get any love at all.


Just a note. On android app I cant scroll up or down most of the time, have to use the jump to post feature. If I use the jump to post featute I 100% of the time lose the ability to scroll up or down. Also first opening of the day has the top banner but just a white page.

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According to ghenghisseanie this is a top islamaphobic website. Kirik must be doing something right

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