Site w/ Slowest Blind Structure?

I like to play the multi-table tournies and I've only played on Party Poker and Pokerstars. Pokerstars has a slower blind structure; 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 200 going up every 10 minutes starting with 1500 chips. Anybody know a site with a slower blind structure.

Ultimate Bet has a similar blind structure, and every ten minutes it goes up. I don't remember what pacific poker's blind structure was like exactly, but it SUCKED way too fast and you start with way too few chips

FTP and Ultimate Bet have very slow blind structures. I used to play SnG's at FTP and when I played one at PokerStars, I was appalled at how quickly (relatively) the blinds went up.

Cool. I'll check out ultimate bet. What's FTP?

File transfer protocol, dude.

Get with it.


Thank you, thank you, you've been wonderful. Have a good night and drive safe.

J/K - Full Tilt Poker.

Of the sites that I checked out, the slowest blind structures were in order FTP, Ultimate Bet, Pokerstars, then Party Poker.