Sitting down on punches....

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Many years ago when I was learning how to box, my trainer told me to envision myself crushing peanuts with my left foot while throwing the left hook, therefore transferring weight to your rear foot while twisting the left.

It really is more a shifting of weight, a mental reminder to "sit down" and use your bodyweight and hip torque and most importantly proper technique to throw a hard punch.

Sitting down on your punches means to not be in two places at once: moving from your opponent and throwing a punch.Sitting down on your punches means to plant the feet and commit to throwing a hard, properly leveraged punch. The mental part translates to commitment to throw the punch right, not be scared, not simultaneously want to be safe, distant, moving...You're goint to plant your feet and hit that sumbitch as if he were a heavy bag with fists. That's it.Commit

Rastus, you mentioned the importance of committing, but is there such a thing as overcommitting? Whenever I throw the right hand, I am off balance, my trainer simply moves to my right and demonstrates (lightly, thankfully) that I can easily be countered by a left hook.

I am trying to follow through, but one thing I noticed is that my right foot comes completely off the ground when I throw the right hand, so for a second I am on one leg. Any tips to help this?

Thanks guys.


Yes, never throw a right hand without planning on THE NEXT PUNCH.

I've found that if I'm not thinking of my next punch, all my ego, all my hopes, all my glory, all my identity as a fighter gets mysteriously transfered to my right hand...and so it pulls all of me off balance.

Put your right hand in a combination, and make the execution of that combination the highest priority...than each punch will fall into rank, taking proper proportion and giving you your balance back...because balance is required for combinations.

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