Sitting On My Roof Shooting Bears with Pepperballs AMA

Fuckers keep getting in my trash. There was a mama and babies that would run if i chased them and yelled. This is a big dude who doesn’t give a shit about me. He stares blankly then goes back to eating.

I shot him a couple times Sunday night, but since he isn’t as skittish, I decided to stop fighting with him from the yard. I just shot him once but I’m still camped on the roof of my porch in case he comes back.


I chased him with a baseball bat the other night and he got to the tree line with my trash and stopped to eat it. I got mad and went back in and got a pistol and went back out but he didn’t give a shit and I felt that was too far so now all I’ve got is this pepperball shotgun

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Have you tried securing your trash bin or keeping it in your garage or something?


We got this strap thing, but it doesn’t stop him. Can’t put it in the garage because I keep shit in there and it would reek through the house everytime we opened the garage dole.

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They are very clever. I don’t understand how he figured out how to circumvent the strap. It is very tight but somehow he can still get it open enough to pull bags through


That’s exactly how he looks at me


Fight any half wits lately?


Can you start filming these encounters just in case you get eaten by the bear?


I’m curious how much a bear would care about a bat. Like it’d probably just keep fucking you up if that’s what it wanted to do.

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be careful… don’t want to accidentally dome the ice Queen again

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They are thick skinned for sure. It was an aluminum children’s bat too so I think it was just to make me feel better. I also didn’t really grasp how much bigger this one was until i was standing about 10 yards from him. Then i had to pretend not to be scared.

You’ve got to manage your trash brutha! As someone who live in a full on bear town, during the high season we can’t put the trash outside until the morning of garbage day unless it’s in a secured location. Today was garbage day, and today was probably the 8th fucking time I failed to get my garbage to the road in time, leaving me to drive over to the dump and pay the cunts to take my trash again, when it could have been picked up for free if I wasn’t such a flake.

With that said… it’s not cool that you have to shoot a bear that you are essentially coaxing onto your property with unsecured trash. I’ve been there though… in the past, by mistake. Now I run a pretty tight ship with the garbage… with the exception of not getting it out in time.


These are black bears man they don’t eat people.

A) fuck this bear
B) he will be alright
C) I’ve taken way more pepperballs in this yard
D) you ever have any luck with ammonia? I put some in the trash can last night and he didn’t come but it also stormed so that might be why

Ya same here and there is always someone who leaves their trash out anyway.

Fuck that bear, haha! No, I haven’t tried ammonia. I’ve used moth balls for smaller pests like skunks… Now Fuck those things to hell!

As Jamie said, there is always someone else that does something to entice the bears into the village no matter how well I manage my trash. At least I’m not picking up a trail of garbage strewn across my yard, like I have in the past. That’s a nasty thing to wake up to, and also a little risky with neighbours around… depending on what you might have in your trash on any given week. I discovered that in a most embarrassing way. No details to be provided.

Also, one year my wife had to chair a workshop the following day and she bought some baked goods to have on hand. She left them in the car so I wouldn’t see them and start poaching after she went to bed. Well we discoved that a bear can use it’s tongue to pop open the door to a small Toyota… ass prints on the inside of her windshield, and back seat torn to shreds, lol! Boy, did she feel stupid.


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There’s fear and darkness all around you, brah.


So if one sucker punches you do 15 others come out of nowhere and kick you while your down for a few minutes?