Six Deuce & Pride FC

For all of those interested, Six Deuce is setting up a USA street team for Pride FC's February 24th event, "The Second Coming" in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you live in a major metropolitan area and would like to distribute high gloss, full color advertising for Pride FC's second USA show, please contact me at:

First come, first serve. Priority will be placed on those who can place the advertisements in MMA gyms or at events.

Thanks for the support!

I'll toss something in there for ya, let me know your shirt size :)

email sent

YGM, i'm in Detroit!


Mail has been sent man!

Do i get preferential treatment if I order some more gear?

If that is the poster, they need to put a little more emphasis on the PPV info. It's on there, just seems a bit low key.


E-mail sent

capn, yes, yes I do.


Hey Craig,

You have 2 e-mails from me because I forgot to put my address.


 Quik, i didn't put my address in my email, can I use that as another excuse to e-mail you like crowbar? Does this improve our chances of being selected for this elite unit?



I'm sure to you it's a given but if you don't get me on the Street Team you are off of the Christmas card list.

LOL...send me your address, I just moved recently and all of my paperwork is in boxes. I'll hook ya up



QUIK = Someone who has MMA Mail.