My beloved sixers are ruined for the next 10 years , think I'm kidding take a look after the sixers got rid of CB, the only bright spot was when Willie Burton scored 52 points in a game.

Do you guys think they should blow the team up and start all over with draft picks, Jamer Nelson (who is from the Philly area) is a name that keeps coming up


Should they trade Iversion and try to build the team up through free agency? TTT

I was drunk before 10AM but I will attempt a thorough breakdown of the Sixers strengths, needs, and cap situation. Let's start with the salaries because a player might be a bargain at one price and a bust at another.

Here are the players under contract next season and how long they're signed for. Now, we don't know what the cap will be next year, or exactly what each of these player salaries will be next year, but we can guesstimate. to means team option, po player option (basically a shitty player with a po will exercise it rather than declare FA).

Allen Iverson $13,495,000 2008-09

Derrick Coleman $4,000,000 2005-06(to)

Aaron McKie $5,000,000 2005-06(po)

Eric Snow $4,500,000 2008-09

Samuel Dalembert $887,000 2004-05(to)

Willie Green $366,000 2004-05(to)

Todd MacCulloch $5,450,000 2006-07

Greg Buckner $2,640,000 2006-07(po)

Kenny Thomas $4,250,000 2009-10

Marc Jackson $3,930,000 2006-07

Kyle Korver $366,000 2004-05(to)

John Salmons $721,000 2005-06(to)

Glenn Robinson $10,375,000 2004-05

The cap will be roughly 42M next season and the Sixers are at roughly 55.5M payroll. Which means as currently constructed they can't sign anyone! Except for the 5M veteran exception contract that all teams can use. Not only that but even after Glenn Robinson's abortion of a contract is up after next season, they will still be over the cap and in the same predicament.

Now, lets discuss the strengths. Iverson is a damm good player and you probably wont get equal value in return from a trade. And Dalembert is a future all-star. Snow is still a quality starter. And Kenny Thomas is also good enough to start, though his contract is silly.


So here is the lineup
SF-Big Gaping Hole

Now, if instead of a big gaping hole at SF you had a good player, this would be a 50+ win team in the East. You probably have realized by now that the contracts of some dead weight players: Robinson 10M, Coleman 4M, Jackson 4M, MacCalloch 5.5M make it impossible to sign a top flight free agent. And I wouldn't assume that any other team would be dumb enough to accept those losers in a trade. Now if MacCulloch retires that will provide some relief. Maybe then they'd have cap room for 06. On top of that the best FA small forward this offseason is going to be Erik Williams. He would not be a huge improvment but they'd be wise to pursue him with the 5M veteran exception.

So where to get this quality SF then? The draft of course. Now I always adocate picking the best possible player. But if the Sixers are able to draft a SF who can produce right away, they'll be pretty good.


So the fact that they probably wont make the playoffs is a good thing. Unfortunately they're looking at having the seventh pick right now which is not high enough to draft Luol Deng or High School phenom SF Josh Smith. So as with any team that has been severely mismanaged they are going to need some luck in the lottery.

I took the time to break this all down, partially to show why the suggestion to just "blow the team up" is a gross oversimplification. Even if they trade Iverson they're still stuck with tons of long-term contracts. And they're still over the cap! So Kobe is out of the question this year, as is TMAC next year.

So getting rid of your best player and a true superstar is not going to help. Unless by help you mean to suggest that games should be intentionally lost. I'm only in favor of that approach if you're going to have cap room. It may work for Atlanta but that's becuase they'll be rebuilding with the draft and FA. Philly will not have that luxury, even if they give away Iverson.

So after all of that, the bottom line is the Sixers need to draft a stud with their upcoming pick. And if they're going to contend for a title he better be a true superstar.

They could get a power forward and move Kenny Smith, who's only 6-7 and can guard small forwards, to small forward.

But then they'd have even fewer guys who can shoot from the outside.

If they win the lottery they'll definitely draft Dwight Howard and everyone seems to think he'll be a superstar PF.

Well maybe my suggestion to nuke the team is abit gross, but your correct in that the sixers have too many long term contracts to deal with. But I feel that Iversion will get traded come this summer (even with his contract, but the sixers will end up picking it up anyway).

DC and Todd are both out and Big Dogg is in my opioion a waste of money, he will get points but he has no D.

The sixers have a couple promising rookies so that is one good thing but we will see how Billy King screws that up. TTT