Size matters in Judo(Takato@All JPN Open)

Naohisa Takato, gold medalist in the -60kg at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, was manhandled at last year’s All Japan Open Weight. Because of his comp records at Worlds and Olympics, he didn’t need to fight any qualifying matches to enter. He was an “invitational player.”

IMO you need to weigh at least close to 180lbs to put up decent fights at this type of tournament. Toshihiko Koga won second place at the same event, which was quite a feat, but Naoya Ogawa ragdolled him in the final.


It was like he hit a brick wall when he tried to throw him.

Technique works only up to be a point. After which, size takes over.

Sapp vs Hoost is a good example of that.

That dude is a monster

YOU again lol

Your examples aren’t too good! ,but I respect u! Ernesto hoost started professionally fighting in 1984! Bob Sapp was a young beast when he beat hoost twice. Youth has a lot to do with it! And by your logic of just size then bob sapp “should” still be killing dudes! “Technique” has beaten him multiple times since!

What happened when lesnar fought Cain Velasquez?

Close to the same age!

Wrestling vs wrestling it cancelled out!
Cain had better boxing “technique”which wiped lesnar out! “Technically” better at SOMETHING!

Lesnar vs Carwin wrestling cancelled out!

Lesnars submissions were better than Carwins submission Defense! Better “technique” and cardio!

Lesnars gas tank was better!

Wilder vs fury! Both big guys! Fury’s boxing “technique” prevailed over his boxing “technique”

Which both tremendous heart!

Jon Jones vs Cormier! Cormier arguably a bigger heavier man! Jones multilevel “Technique” prevailed over cormiers weight and 2- Dimensions boxing/wrestling!


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[Quote]“And by your logic of just size then bob sapp “should” still be killing dudes! “Technique” has beaten him multiple times since!”

Dude throws fights with guys he could smash for an easy payday.

"Lesnar vs Carwin wrestling cancelled out!

Lesnars submissions were better than Carwins submission Defense! Better “technique” and cardio!

Lesnars gas tank was better!"[/Quote]

It was mostly the cardio though and considering the debate at hand I have to point out that Lesnar was bigger.

Considering the subject at hand, I have to point out that Fury was larger.

It would be an asinine argument imo. DC was a fat MW, JBJ barely belonged at lhw imo. Cormier wasn’t larger in any functional way and it’s a big reason he lost despite arguably being a more technical fighter who relied on physical advantages much less.

Also your examples are all guys in the same weight class at least. We do know that at a certain size the differences become less extreme. We aren’t talking about 160 lbers fighting HWs here.

“Welcome to the real world”

If u start to go limbs

And dick measuring sure then I guess?

But it’s technique!

Skill vs skill in combative settings


Carwin vs lesnar both big guys heavyweights. And u proved my point!

I was replying the to the other guy!

U disregarded the technique vs technique part!


You’re disregarding that the whole debate is about SIZE vs technique advantages by using all examples where both guys were big (and same weight class) and in most cases the bigger guy won.

You’re off the debate team.

Lesnar didn’t win based off of just size . His submission O was better than Carwins submission D.

And it’s on him for not being as good at cardio either!

Cardio goes in with skill/technique because u lose the match if u don’t have it. Get sloppy!


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It that case yeah but big guys lose most of the time.

George foreman
Stefan Struve
Bob Sapp

U guys act like height wins all the time ! It doesn’t

Skill and technique prevail and hold more Victories. I’ll give u the height and weight help if you know how to use it!


If we know same technique then your fucked if I weigh more and we have similar shape and cardio.

If you’re smaller and I don’t know what you know then that is not good for me but even then it doesn’t mean I am fucked.

My first bjj Coach was 65 pounds lighter than me and tapped me like a drum. So it is silly to think it can’t be done but equally silly to assume your size deficit won’t be an issue.


In Takato’s defense, any guy who enters that tournament is considered top-notch in the judo community. The winner(Tanaka) would beat most guys in his weight class. No judo guy as inexperienced as Sapp would do well in judo matches.

Wrestling takedown wins that one.

Yes if the other guy is not allowed to do the same, lol. Takato would have lost under any judo rules old or new. The other guy is too strong and skilled for him.

The only players who can fight bigger guys maybe one weight limit up are the -81k guys. You see this in the team events. -81k guys go against -90k guys. -81k guys are the toughest in judo but to a certain weight.

Good point made!

First and foremost number 1 thing about fighting is you have to have the WILL/DRIVE! You have to be able to say to tell yourself . Can I do this ? And the WILL pushing forward from there!

Second CARDIO. Get yourself in the best shape that you can; so u can compete with anyone. If your in the best shape you can be in; it will keep you there!

Third you have to practice at your craft and get TECHNIQUE!

Last is HEART be able to take a beating at all possible costs

The other things are just attributes. Height, weight, length and speed ,but u have to make ur attributes applicable to your self situation!

I’m 6’1 255 as an adult! When I wrestled in high school junior year was at 189. And then senior year I wrestled 215. But I was only 205 and I was tired of cutting down from football season (at 235). My speed was my best attribute. I can score a takedown at will, but 189 pounds it was more difficult because the speed was the closer. When I went up to 215 it was way easier to score takedowns (almost at will). Why because of my explosiveness and used to wrestling speed demons. I wrestled bigger and heavier kids. They were easier to deal with because of the pace.

Boxing was a tad different but the thing that helped me again was my ability to explode threw a punch. I dropped down to light heavyweight and the playing field was equal in speed. I had the punch advantage being naturally heavier. When I moved up to heavyweight natural weight (not cutting) It was a lot easier to use my speed in guys. But I wasn’t just hurting guys like at light heavyweight. Moreover that’s the reason for weight classes. Height and weight doesn’t always make you better !

Dudes just suck height and muscles around here.
You have to use ur attributes with the skill when learned!


What’s your pointt? This is a Judo forum. Boxing has nothing to do with it?