Size of IBJJF or other Competition Mat

Guys, I was wondering if anyone can tell me the typical size of a tournament mat for two competitors. What is the IBJJF size, and do other organizations use similar sizing?

Do you guys think a 15x15x1.5 would be good enough for two people to roll on and really go at it?

Thanks for your input.

They have to be at least 8 meters by 8 meters in an IBJJF event Phone Post 3.0

15'x15' should be plenty for 2 people rolling, but you are likely to run out of space a lot if you do stand-up and wrestling Phone Post 3.0

8 meters squared is huge. I actually don't think I can do that. I wanted to get a mat for me and my jiu jitsu buddies, for whenever we want to roll after/before the academy closes.

SC MMA MD, do you think I should get something bigger? I mean we probably won't be doing too much standup/takedowns, but if we do start on the feet, do you think a 15x15 will suffice? Thanks a lot for your input.

I have done standup on a 10x10 mat before, but you run out of space fast and need to really trust your partners to be aware of the edges and stop when a throw or takedown might put you off the mat. I would always advise getting the biggest mat area you can; I have never though "I wish this mat was smaller" when training. Even with the large area of the IBJJF mats, almost every match I have hd has been stopped at some point because we were nearing the edge, or we went over the edge but the next mat was vacant so we were allowed to continue into that mat space.
In short, bigger is better with regards to mat space, but mats are very expensive so sometimes you have to make due with a smaller area; and it can be done Phone Post 3.0

I have a 12x12 set if Dollamur roll up mats. It's plenty good for positional sparing and practicing throws/takedowns (controlled of course). But getting at it from the feet I'd definitely need more room! Phone Post 3.0