I was saddened to read that your boy Malik Rose has been on the trading block for the last few weeks. Everything I read seems to make it sound like he probably won't go today, but it's amazing that he has fallen so out of favor that he was getting shopped around.

yeah that is a little sad but you also have to realize that you have to play the players that will do the best for your team. We both know Malik would run through a wall for the Spurs and his teammates but he is a limited player. As much as I love his heart and drive he just is at a disadvantage with his talent and no matter how hard he works for much effort he gives that it most likely wont make up for what the next guy can do.

You can't teach what he does and you can't instill in someone. Its special and not many players have it. Im not a Pop fan at all but he is doing what is best for the Spurs

Its sucks and he will go down as one of my favorite players of all time. Not many other got more out of their game with so little to start with than he has.

I hope he goes somewhere where he gets a lot of minutes, he's on my fantasy team.

From what I understand, Horry is coming off the bench before Rose just because he can shoot the three and spread the defense. He's also three inches taller, and at the end of the day that counts for a lot on a defensive team like the Spurs.

I read this today. I think it would have been a very interesting trade for both teams. So much though for Isiah being in love with Kurt Thomas.

"Oh so close: The Spurs and New York Knicks had already notified league officials Thursday afternoon they had agreed to trade Malik Rose for Kurt Thomas when the deal unraveled, two sources with knowledge of the negotiations said.

According to an Eastern Conference executive, New York president Isiah Thomas offered Kurt Thomas for Rose while also asking for a first-round pick.

The Spurs agreed, and both teams notified the league a few minutes before the deadline and were placed on a conference call with NBA lawyers to finalize the deal, an NBA official said. While the teams were exchanging the players' medical history, a Knicks official interrupted the call and said the team no longer wanted to do the deal for financial reasons."

If he could shoot at all he would be a plus player. The Spurs are just loaded with talent.

U just jinxed he's injured.