skier ab curls? (low row)

ever hear of these before? can someone explain how to do them? thanks

you'll figure it out.

nope, still have no idea

where are you pulling these exercises from??


you try google?

ya, found skier squats, and some other skier skier ab curls though.

Juan Carlos Santana has something he calls skiers. Knees on the ball hands on the ground twist back and forth with your lower body. But no curl and no Low Row.

I do some exercises with a stability ball that I call skiers. Also a knee tuck variation that could be called an AB curl.

Look for these on Stability ball.

Here are two links that may help.

Not sure if these are what Poliquin is referring to but...Good Luck.


thanks guys!

Taku, maybe it's the prone skiers (from the 1st link). #7, under the Hips (Abs/Obliques) heading, near the bottom.

Not 100% sure how to do them frm the descriptin there.

wasn't that exercise. not sure if I did them right, but the description I got for them was to lie down on a decline bench...decline bench being at the lowest possible setting.

lie down so your head and shoulders are off of the bench, and hook your toes under. and then you just do a crunch, coming down so your head and shoulders are below the bench level.

description I got was over the phone, so not 100% sure I did them right. seems like you can just do this exercise on a stability ball...

I'll find out exactly how to do them next week, and I'll post it

oh, and I think the "low row" thing just meant to put the decline bench at the lowest level. no actual rowing in this exercise