Skill difference at low limit?

Don't laugh, but I play $1/2 limit 6 person max. I'm doing pretty well at that level simply by playing very tight, not chasing draws, and playing from the proper position. The fuckers just hate to fold a hand.

I'd like to move up to $2/4 and was wondering if you guys think there is a definite skill difference at such low limits.

I only play no limit but I notice a difference between those blinds levels. More people like to limp in on the lower levels and the higher blinds I see more raising pre flop. Definitely more calling stations on 1/2 vs. 2/4. Again, this is for NL though

I've noticed the times I've watched a 2/4 limit game that there is more raising pre-flop. Very few limp.


anything below $12/$24 is no fold'em hold'em. I play $3/$6 all the time and played $4/$8 here in reno.its no different the odds always justify the call.your always getting 6 to 1 or better odds to call.

not sure what you mean by the odds always justify the calls at low limits. if the bb = 2x sb, your odds can always be calculated by number of bb. I guess the only thing that would make the difference would be if everybody is always calling raises no matter what, thereby increasing the pot to call-able odds. I see that with 1/2 and maybe even 2/4, but I've played a lot of 3/6 and 4/8 and they don't seem that much looser than the bigger limits i play (10/20, 20/40)

"anything below $12/$24 is no fold'em hold'em. I play $3/$6 all the time and played $4/$8 here in reno.its no different the odds always justify the call.your always getting 6 to 1 or better odds to call."

Live is MUCH EASIER than online.

"Live is MUCH EASIER than online."

Do you mean this in general, or just at low to mid stakes?

i.e. Is it easier to play live at the super high stakes? It would seem that one would have a better shot at beat the Phil Ivey's of the world online than in person because he would pick up a lot more tells and reads in the flesh

I wouldn't laugh at you..I tend to play micro games a lot... $.10/.25 through $.02/.06.

Even jumping to the .05/.10 and .1/.25, people tend to play more conservatively.

I'm currently up about $30 right now playing those in NL format. I see a lot of people that fold all the time and I've been playing like you say.

I've played the levels you're looking at and I'm not an online pro, but it shouldn't be too different.


I played 2/4 last night and finished up about $20 after an initial loss of around $80. It took some getting used to. More pre flop raises, more betting rounds capped, but people were basically playing the same cards in the same manner.

I just stayed out of the way alot and only played the best hands. I think I could be more profitable multi-tabling 1/2 than playing 2/4 at this point. It also got kinda boring playing so few hands.

i only play live. just cant force myself to put money online. i dont know who you guys play with but were i was in vegas and reno, plus were i play here in iowa, people play almost any two cards and call to the river no matter what. you will never see more flushes in your life than low imit hold'em.

Hell I withdrew all my money except for $3. I started playing $0.01/$0.02 No Limit on Poker Stars with it and have it up to $45 after 2 weeks by nut peddling. Not really exciting, but it's better than losing.

Ring games are kind of a boring grind, but I'm making money. Sit n Go's are more fun, but I need a much bigger bankroll to play them. If I get it up to $100 I might start playing the $6.50 turbos and go back to ring games if I go below $50.

I'm playing 1.50 turbos...those are ridiculous.

Micro games are horrible on Weekends, esp Fridays. I lost two SnGs back to back (1+.2), but placed third in the turbo, putting me up just a little.

Great experience, though. You learn about randomness and a few tells...

"It also got kinda boring playing so few hands."

And that's why live is such a gong show... who's going to have the dedication to go to a casino and fold for an hour straight?