Skin Infection

What type of infections MRSA causes ?

if you have it go to the hospital and stay there

whats more woorisome than comimg in comtact with mrsa or staph for that matter is to always roll clean. always clean your gi and most important is to clean you matts. do this and you'll be safer from infections that can cause staph or mrsa.

can look and feel like a spider bite, achy, with a little red spot in the center. then the spot becomes a hole that grows into a crater (flesh-eating).

get it checked out ASAP!

^ what he said. Staph infections can look like mild cellulitis or a spider bite, but untreated can fairly quickly progress to horrific and serious infections with significant tissue loss.

If you think you might have an infection, get it checked out Phone Post 3.0

Anytime a bump or red dot feels slightly more painful than normal you should stop rolling for a day or 2 and monitor it. Typically within a day or 2 if its nothing serious it gone . If it is staph or MRSA the skin around it should start getting red and there should be a definable line of your skin color meeting the red. I've noticed a warmth in the area too. Unfortunately I've had it twice and have probably caught it early another time or 2 and treated it or went to urgent care. Just y experience Phone Post 3.0

Did OP get eaten by infection?


His name was jamesubrown1. Phone Post 3.0

MRSA is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. It is resistant to all penicillins, cephalosporins, and several other common antibiotic families. It is often more difficult to control compared a regular staph infection due to its antibiotic resistance. Sulfa drugs or doxycycline are often effective against MRSA.

If the infection reaches your bloodstream, then IV antibiotics like Vancomycin may be necessary. Vancomycin is not something you want to be on if you like your veins, as it does a damn good job of destroying them.

"Regular" staph infections are also dangerous and not to be trifled with. Fortunately if they are caught early enough, they are usually treatable with common antibiotics.

Both types of staph can cause horrible, disfiguring, painful damage. They can destroy skin, muscle, and connective tissue if they are allowed to progress.

Bottom line: see a doctor and get the lesion cultured. You will be placed on the appropriate antibiotic & given instructions. Stay away from contact with others until the infection resolves.