skin problem

I have had eczema on my belly and I was told that it was because i was allergic to metal (belt buckles, etc.). I have the same problem on my thigh under ther pocket were I put my keys. It is usually just redness and some king of rash. But i started to have some on my forearm (where there is no metal contact at all. And now it is making bubbles of just rash. What could it be? What should i do? Could it be contagious? If contagious can i still train with sleeves (bjj)?
p.s: I have a girlfriend and she never had anything like that so i assumed it wasn't contagious.

Eczema is genetic. Many times it strikes as you get older. Since it's genetic, it's not contagious. It has nothing to do with metal. Rashes do but not eczema. Can't help you past this point.

i said eczema because it looks like it but it maybe not.

Eczema problems can be directly related to food/digestive trouble. I have had it for 7 years and struggle to control it as well.

The following is a list of foods to look out for:
Milk and milk products(whey bi-products)
dried fruit
wheat/white floor

Started by removing milk and milk products. This helped me a great deal. Then remove items slowly and see what changes take place. Once the eczema is under control you could add in small amounts of the foods that trouble you with little effect of flare up. Until then you need to work to get it under control.

Here is a list of things to do to reduce suffering:

Avoid hot baths/showers -use warm/cool water.

Visit an MD and request a cream called Cortate or another hydrotisone based cream.
keep your skin moist with Aveeno(none scented lotion)
Visit a good naturalpath
drink lots of water(this helps me a great deal)

best of luck