Skunk tearing up my yard

So I have this skunk that has been digging holes all over the place in my yard.

I have tried the chemical deterrents and they did nothing. I actually saw him hanging out in an area I had heavily poured the stuff into this morning.

I am picking up a live trap from a friend on the way home this afternoon and we shall see if I have any luck catching the little bastard.

I have no idea what the hell I am going to do with him once I have him in the cage.

I dont want to kill him. Hopefully I can get animal control to come get him once I have him trapped.

Does the OG have any good skunk stories?

I will post results of how my trapping goes. Fingers crossed I wont need a tomato soup bath.

Yea my brother had one stuck in his yard he wanted me to kill it he was worried it might have rabbies so I shot it with my ar15 and it sprayed everywhere I thought it was hilarious he didn't Phone Post 3.0

When I first moved to the country, I was walking my property, followed by my cocker spaniel puppy. Suddenly he takes off, crosses into the adjoining property so I gave chase.

When I got within 20 yards I could tell he had something cornere near a brush pile. Suddenly the dog starts yelping and running at me. That skunk got him good. Cleaning him had both of us stinking for days it seemed like Phone Post 3.0

Dude, your lawn probably has grubs and the asshole is just foraging.

Get some grub/lawn insect killer STAT and throw that shit down

he is defiantly digging up grubs out of the yard.

the problem is the house is sitting on around 4 acres of cleared land.

The wife wants me to try deterring him some more before we trap him,.

Mothballs and ammonia. Hope they work, lol.

Used to live next to a house that was empty for 2 years while getting remodeled (guy remodeling kept running out of cash so it took forever) and a skunk family moved in under the house. They started coming under the fence to my yard and had a couple close calls with my dog. I dumped cayenne pepper and chili powder all along the fence line and I shit you not I never saw another skunk in my yard. Phone Post 3.0

Did you use grub killer?  Every year, right after the first snow melt, I would have to throw down the grub kill powder in 500 square foot area to kill the grubs that the skunks were digging for.

Why not use google ad sense to figure it out? Phone Post 3.0

Try putting that Have a Heart critter control shit around your property.

I have pets, so I don't just throw it around my yard. But if there is a spot where it's obvious skunks are going, I throw some down there.


If you trap a skunk, won't he just spray the fuck out of the trap, then spray you when you try to move the trap?

Resident A Hole - If you trap a skunk, won't he just spray the fuck out of the trap, then spray you when you try to move the trap?
100% true, trapping is a terrible idea. but don't tell OP because the story of his trap attempt could get kind of amusing. Phone Post 3.0

Flybait + coke? Note sure if skunks like the stuff, but raccoons seem to love it (unfortunately for them.)


Let him bang bro.


I laughed out loud, VU Phone Post 3.0

What is grub? Phone Post 3.0

Grubs. Phone Post 3.0

Moaozinho - What is grub? Phone Post 3.0

Grubs are thick white or grey catepillar looking things.  Google image.  Grub killer is what you spread over your lawn to kill them.  Will kill other bugs too.