Skyrim does big sales

 In one month it is already only 500k short of Oblivion's lifetime sales.

Combat Vette -  I haven't played Oblivion or Morrowind.  Are they as epic as Skyrim?  If not, I will NEVER be able to play them, because I will aways be comparing them to Skyrim.

Great for their time. I replayed Oblivion right before Skyrim came out...overloaded with Mods though of course, since the mod community is awesome and was able to make the game look a LOT better than it did originally.

However, after playing Skyrim I can't imagine ever going back to play them again.

If you play Skyrim, you could pass over Oblivion.

Morrowind is still worth playing, due to it's setting standing out. Oblivion and Skyrim are both medieval Europe style fantasy, where Morrowind is a much more creative and uncommon fantasy setting.

if you get Skyrim you wont want to touch Morrowmind and Oblivion

Skyrim is much more polished than Oblivion. I can see how Oblivion could be good with mods to change the leveling system. Skyrim is a lot better.

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