skyrim or saints

which should I play first?!?!? Phone Post

Good question- I put about twenty hours into skyrim, put it down to play saints and haven't played skyrim since.

This is my first time playin a saints game and I love it. The missions are ridiculous and the gameplay is addictive. Phone Post

kinda in the same boat .... but i did have and play Skyrim a good bit... but decided to check out Saints Row 2 ( never played ) and man the last thing i am thinking about is SKyrim lol...

just as SHADOWpm mentioned -- the game is FUN AS HELL... i can only imagine how SR3 is and i am having a blast with SR2 which is about 2- years old .

skyrim is a cool game but its not "fun" in that sense of Saints Row games

I'm sold Phone Post