4 months later, I'm now sitting here a day after the event and I'm so happy with the way it went.

The fighters fought their hearts out and showed a ton of talent inside the cast night. Great job guys and I hope we can have all of you guys back again fore our future events.

Special thanks to each of these warriors: Jason Day, Francis Carmont, Brad Cardinal, Daron Cruickshank, Eric Attard, David Bodrug, Andrew Cseh, Michael Imperato, Jesse Ronson, Brandon Chagnon, Lyndon Whitlock, Robert Rende, Syd Barnier and Sajid Rizvi.

To the 3600+ or fans that came out to support us, thank you so much! Without you none of this would be possible. This is only the beginning, we look to put on many more shows for you in the future and will work hard to bring you nothing but the best excitement the sport of MMA has to offer.

Thanks to all my friends, family and students that helped me out with the event and at my martial arts school during the preparation time for this event. As the event got closer it seemed like the stress become almost unbearable but you guys really helped keep me sane. 

Chick Rice...you did an awesome job with the ring girls on fight night and at the ring girl finale. Thanks for all your help! Thanks to Bill for all his help as well.

and to the ultra talented Ray Flores who as ring announcer had the crowd pumped from start to finish; thanks so much bro for making the trip to Hamilton. Everybody loved what you were doing inside the cage. 

Our many sponsors that stepped up to help make this event possible deserve much thanks: Our title sponsor Source Cable & Security, Cheetah Energy Drink, LIUNA, Molson Breweries, Cable 14, Hamilton Limousine, CHCH, Molson Breweries & Venetian Jewellers. You guys are the best!

To the Ontario Athletic Commission, thanks for the guidance you provided throughout the long process of putting together a professional MMA event and for doing such a great job of keeping fighter safey at the highest of standards.

Thank to my business partners for all your support in making this event what it was...

and to Gabe Macaluso for approaching me with this exciting idea many months ago. We worked so damn hard on this thing and I'm admit there were times when I felt like passing out due to the fatigue and stress but your experience kept us on track, pushing forward in the right direction. In the end we did it! Thanks for everything!

and lasty, thanks to my amazing wife Corene for being so patient and understanding, especially during the last week of preparation when I was locked away in an office, away from home, working non-stop for days at a time. I know it wasn't easy for you over the last few months and I wanted to thank you for being so great about it. 

I really hope I didn't forget anyone.

Jeff Joslin