Slap Mountain: Hillbillies battle in slap fight, then couple threatens to kill each other

This is amazing. Check out some backwoods hillbillies battle in an open weight slap fight on “Slap Mountain.” Watch for the slap fighting, stay for the hilly billy couple threatening to kill each other at the end :joy:

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So wierd how there are 2 body types in that culture:

Morbidly Obese

Addict Skinny


weird honey boo boo GIF


This was fantastic. Wonderful commentary really draws you in.


The pit boys have really gone backwards!!!

Loved it :smiley:

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JT is awesome on commentary.

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Pretty funny.

A KO shouldn’t be too hard, if you aim base of palm for the chin. What am I missing?

Ugh why am I offering serious input on slap fighting

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I think the target audience is too dumb to know this.

That’s illegal, you aren’t allowed to hit the jaw or use the heel of your palm.

All the KOs I’ve seen watching this stuff has been palm to jaw.

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And he watches A LOT of this stuff.

what the fuck. that guy interviewing looks he decided to eat a million donuts and have the dumbest hair ever. Where’s Charlie/penguin08. pay him and your slapping will take off.

otherwise it can take a hike


Looks like Slap Appalachian Mountain

Superb, love me some slap fighting

Mr Crystal “Fuck you too ref”

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