SlapFight Championship heavyweight king sleeps title challenger

SlapFIGHT Championship heavyweight king “Darius the Destroyer” slaps the sh*t out of his latest title challenger. Anybody in the forum mob thinks they can do some pro slap fighting?


Stupidest shit I’ve seen since X-Arm, but entertaining nonetheless.

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This is some seriously dumb shit.

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I’ve watched a few on YouTube. Didn’t think I’d watch much but was surprisingly entertained.


Ridiculous but fun enough.

Can’t be fair when you club the guy and wobble him first round and continue with just a warning.

Should do that to everyone, get your warning and have them already hurt for the next rounds.

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Big country was built for this

Yea that was bush league

Same as eye poking or cup checking in MMA when all you get is a verbal warning, it’s a freebie

Plus the destroyer dude was overweight

Bas Rutten even more so.

He’d use the base of his palm as he did in Pancrase. Easy KO when someone isn’t even defending.

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Isn’t that the clubbing rule and illegal?

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No idea, to be honest. I find that “sport” ridiculous.

I did notice in vids I have seen where KOs happen, it’s typically because a slap lands flush, palm included. I think as long as you slap you can also emphasize the palm landing if you know what I’m saying.

I want to see some small guys compete. No knockout but just a bloody mess.

How much would you pay to see Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman in a leg kicking contest like this?

I like your handy work here.

Dad gum

I don’t get what he got a warning for

This is what women’s MMA should be


The only fair thing to do would be to allow the guy that got clubbed to get in a club on the other guy in return.


UG’ers- “ this is dumbest shit ever”

Also UG’ers- “bring back knees to downed opponents and soccer kicks it’s not violent enough for my liking”

I’ll take getting one slapped to sleep over repeated blows to the skull with teeny gloves or elbows and knees that cause legit car crash injuries